ILG - Instituto Leopoldo Guimarães / The Institute - National and internacional training
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Professor Leopoldo GuimaraesProfessor Leopoldo Guimarães
O Instituto Leopoldo Guimarães adopta como objectivo geral, contribuir para as respostas sociais e tecnológicas de proximidade, em domínios de interesse directo para as pessoas, empresas e outras instituições, designadamente em domínios pouco cobertos por entidades tradicionais de Educação/Formação.

Coopera com instituições do ensino superior, entidades públicas e empresas, empenhadas no desenvolvimento de base científica, numa óptica de reforço da capacidade científica tecnológica e cultural.



The Institute - National and internacional training

ILG (Instituto de Formação Leopoldo Guimarães - Training Institute Leopoldo Guimarães) was created in 2009 to intervene in training in a manner of proximity, to meet the demands of social responses in the first place, but also technological and organizational, qualifying people not only in the fields of new technologies as in its application to systems and processes inherent to different social organizations, industries and services.

It is in this context that ILG develops important part of its action, the core strategy approved at the Board of Guidance and Assessment Strategy.
For that we have established formal links with universities, training centers, City Halls, foundations and social institutions (IPSS), which enable the necessary operational support and public funding.

Some entities with which ILG has privileged links:
  • Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Instituto Politécnico de Leiria)
  • Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (Instituto Politécnico de Santarém)
  • Foundation D. Pedro IV (Fundação D. Pedro IV)
  • University of Extremadura (Universidade de Extremadura)
  • Faro City Hall (Câmara Municipal de Faro)
  • Teachers Association of Ria Formosa, Teachers Association of Sintra
  • Training Centre of the Schools Association of Mafra, Association for Community Development "Casa Seis"
  • the Diakonia of Algueirão (Integrated in the Office for Professional Insertion).
Regions where the ILG concentrates its activities:
  • Palmela - where ILG is headquartered
  • Faro - through its partner, City Hall and Training Centre Ria Formosa
  • Sintra - Delegation in Mem Martins
  • Lisbon - through its partner, Foundation D.Pedro IV
Areas of intervention:
  • Training:
    Electricity and Energy
    Behavioral Sciences
    Computer sciences
    Social Services
    Foreign languages and literatures
  • Consulting:
    Energy efficiency, rational use of energy, carbon markets, optimization and management of energy resources.
    Diagnosis of training needs, preparation of training and development programs, curricular analysis and adaptation in the external environment.